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Server Module

-Multi client support

-"Smart" video compression

-Database and system level Security

Multi - Client support
The system is designed to support unlimited, various types of clients. The software handles each client in a separate thread. Each handle (thread) loads in memory when a new client connects to the server, and stays in memory until the client disconnects.

Video Compression
The video is transferred as a sequence of frames , using standard
compression algorithms.

In order to reduce network traffic and to increase transfer speed, a
"frame by frame" comparison algorithm has been introduced. The server
makes a pixel by pixel comparison between each frame. The resulting
subset of "no matching" pixels is the frame actually being send to the

The client receives the subset of pixels and updates the screen data.
The result of this algorithm is an average speed increase of 90%.


The server software uses dual level security architecture .

1) Database Level- Password security
The user names - passwords (as well as application parameters, logs etc.) are stored in an industry standard RDBMS.
Each client logs in to the RDBMS using the server software as a dispatcher. After login , the user rights are applied according to the user group permissions (User Roles in database terminology).
The software uses Oracle Database Server or Interbase Server, both with known security

2) Network Level - data encryption

The user names - passwords and other data are encrypted before every transfer. A standard encryption algorithm (MD5) plus some custom enhancements are used.
The user related events and actions are logged in the database files . Active connection and detailed action reports and filters are available to the system administrator.