NEMO 3000 - DVR

Nemo DVR includes

Nemo 3000 Hardware :

12 Video In
15 days Video Storage Capacity
TCP/IP out
Video out , to attach a Monitor
Remote Control

Nemo 3000 Software :

Nemo 3000 Video Recorder
Nemo 3000 Playback Module
Nemo 3000 Video Server
Nemo Remote Access Software for LAN,Dial-up


Nemo Video

Video Multiplexing (4 video channel)

Studio Quality Video

Video Motion Detection with sensitivity settings per camera

Area setting for motion detection

Video Recording using high compression algorithms

Continuous video recording to the hard disk

Keeps persistent video history of 15 days (20GB disk space) with recycling option

Export to AVI and jpeg format

Video Surveillance and recorded video preview over LAN,WAN,dial-up,Internet.

Remote Access

The system supports functionality over Local Area Network (LAN), Dial-up (Simple or ISDN) and Internet.

Real or stored video transfer, Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom control is supported on the remote PC.

Also supported is Real Time Analog input monitoring and execution of preconfigured commands or command sets.


Combined with the Nemo TCP:

Nemo Video

Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control in the local or Remote PC

Nemo Security

The motion detectiors and other Security and Fire Detection Sensors are connected direct to the Nemo Analog Input channels.

The system supports Security Zones, and Alarm enabling/disabling on different building areas using the local or the remote PC.

Alarms are generated by motion or fire detectors, or by the video motion detection module of the software.

"On Alarm" Actions supported:

- Call to predefined telephone numbers
- Video preview and recording of the alarm area
- Sound messages on the PC
- Sirene enable-disable
- Execution of "sets" of predefined actions (lights on, lock external doors, close-secure doors or windows etc.)
-Pop-up windows with the exact location and the alarm description

Nemo Automation

Analog Input

Real Time Data Motitoring using input from any analog sensors (Heat, pressure, humidity, tank level etc.)

Execute predefined actions when analog input values are "out of level". (Start a cooler when Heat value is over limit etc.)

The analog input screens are simply designed by the user (drag & drop).

Monitoring of the Analog input values on the local PC, or over LAN, dial-up, Internet.

Digital (Relay) Output and Servo Motor Drivers

Nemo 3000 basic supports control for 8 Servo Motor movement, and 8 Relay Output channels.

The Servo Motor movement is executed using predefined (0-255) positions.The Relay Output channels are programmed the same way.

The positions for the Servo Motors and the on/off values for the relays can be programmed to run periodically or condition based, on alarm or when an analog input value is out of limits.

An easy to use programming interface is supplied. Included in the package are testing tools that produce diagrams of the movements.

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