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HTR Areas of expertise

HTR has inherited and further develops solid know-how in the fields of :

- Structural mechanics, mechatronics and motorization (linear dc drives, force sensors, active damping of multimodal structural vibration, non linear system control)

- Digital servo systems, wireless networks and power electronics (highly integrated dc motor control cards, micro-processor based CAN networks, wireless CAN systems, CAN to ATM interfaces)

- Real time dynamics and control simulation tools, running on RT Linux platforms, permitting the validation of advanced control architecture schemes for multi-dof systems, while taking into account interactions with the environment (such as in the case of underwater manipulators)

A number of relevant patents in the area of sensor design, shape memory alloy micro-actuators as well as remote powering and monitoring of micro-actuator systems have become the property of HTR, together with the research results and exploitation rights of an important number of European Joint Research projects in the field of Advanced Robotics, through agreements with the major participants of the projects or representatives of the consortia.

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