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HTR laboratories are divided into Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Signal Processing departments. The facility comprises 1200m of offices and laboratories, 3500m of test ground areas including all types of soil conditions (asphalt, soft soils, sand, rocks, etc) as well as underwater robot test pools of 250m.

The Mechanical Eng dep comprises advanced metal machining workshop including robotised aluminium alloy welding posts, large scale laser 3D scanner facility, as well as carbon fibre / glass fibre composite material assembly workshop. Component design is based on fully parametric software packages (Intergraph Solid Edge TM, Pro-Engineer), while machining is driven by MasterCAM TM.

The Electronics Eng. dep covers the full range of design and manufacturing of micro-controller based modular control cards, including power electronics and power supplies. Design is supported by ORCAD while CNC machines are used for PCB hole drilling and fast prototyping. CAFD is used for cooling elements and packaging verification.

Software develoment in Computer science and Signal processing is supported by Linux and QNX RT systems on Sun Workstations and PCs. Fast Ethernet network is used within the facility as well as a 155Mb fibre optic ATM local ring supported by a ASX 200 BX (Fore) switch.

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