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HTR Foundation

HTR has been established with a starting capital of 368.000 EU, from private (51%) and joint venture funds (49%).

It currently owns buildings of around 1,2 M EU value.

HTR is also actively supported through the following Institutional entities:

Laboratoire de Robotique de Paris - Universite Paris VI

The laboratory is devoted to project development in Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, with about 70 employees.
The qualifications of the Engineers and Researchers of the Institute are in the following fields:

- robot control and modelling
- mobile robots
- teleoperated control
- robotic flexible cell for automated assembly
- artificial vision systems

The Laboratory has been named "Center of Excellence" for Teleoperation by CNRS since 1995.

Cybernetic Technology Lab, Brussels

The Cybernetic lab provides design services in mechatronics and robotics applied for the medical equipment as well as civil machinery sector, together with plant / hospital maintenance and integration supervision.

The Cybernetic Lab is located in Brussels Belgium. The lab is supporting market and technical research as well as technical study activities of several large scale civil works contractors, related to:

- equipment purchase and modifications
- industrial / hospital electro-mechanical installations
- medical device / medical machinery component manufacturing
- R&D on innovative systems for civil and medical applications

The Lab has been investing in micro-machining technology regarding customised micro-milling CAM capacities for hard metal and ceramic parts, using high-precision diamond-tool cutting (pneumatic bearing drilling heads at 300.000 rpm) . Machining precision approaches 1 micron (hole drilling capacities from 15 micron diameter)
Additional to component design and manufacturing, the Lab offers advanced system design possibilities (flexible mechanism design, mechatronics) as well as packaging design combined with in-house expertise.


The Division of Production engineering, Machine design and Automation (PMA) is the largest division of the department of Mechanical Engineering of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. It has about 100 employees. In line with the general mission of the University, the mission of PMA is threefold: education, research, and service to the industry as well as to the society at large.
PMA carries out research in the areas of production engineering, machine design, and mechatronics. More specifically the research themes include new production processes, CAD/CAM/CAPP, assembly automation, dimensional metrology and reverse engineering, machine and instrument design, structural dynamics and acoustics, motion control, and programming and control of robots and intelligent machines. PMA aims at a balance between basic or long term research on the one hand, which is vital in order to remain at an advanced scientific level, and applied or short term research on the other hand, which is probably the most important mission of an engineering research laboratory.
Over the years PMA has gained a lot of expertise in each of these areas, and has acquired or built advanced equipment and software. This know-how and infrastructure is exploited in the third component of PMA's mission, service to the industry, in which tailored solutions are pursued or specific assistance is offered in the framework of bilateral projects, or consulting.

Information Technology Institute, Salford

ITI is attached to the University of Salford, with 6 Professors and 35 academic staff. The Institute has extensive experience in fuzzy-logic controller design, as well as in the development of parallel computing and hierarchically controlled micro-processor networks. Recent work has been addressing problems of local, decentralized control loops based on sensorial data.

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