Nemo 3000

Hardware Specifications

The NEMO 3000 Module requests 220VAC power supply and connects to PC through a RS232 serial connection at 38400 bps.
The NEMO software automatically recognizes the Module and initializes all input/output ports.


Up to 32 analog input signals

10 bit resolution 0-5V DC with configurable sampling down to 50msec

Up to 13 analog video input signals


1 multiplexed output video signal (With selectable Multiplexing timing down to 50msec)

Up to 32 relay single float pair of contacts (normally open) supporting 250V/5A

Up to 32 PDM Servo motor drivers (Aviation model servos) 5V 600mA each with update rates from 25 to 100msec

Up to 16 solid state low power relay outputs, with timing down to 100msec, and state open or GND