Nemo Basic Software:
Nemo Video
Nemo Security
Nemo Automation
Graphic display
Servo Programmer
Action Programmer
Setup-Alarm Conditions

Nemo Bridge :
Remote Access
TCP/IP Server

Software Drivers

Nemo Enterprise:
Graphical Logic Programmer



Nemo Automation

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Nemo is used for home and factory automation.
It can handle 32 Analog Input Sensors, 32 Digital Output (Relays) and 32 Servo Motors per Nemo Unit.

Analog input is shown in history or graphical control screens.

Nemo executes Time based or Event based Automation.
Graphical Servo motor and Relay output programmers are used for Time based automation.
Action programmer is used for Event based automation.

The analog input is translated from the sensor values to the real values according to the min-max values entered by the user.

The software supports from simple to complex Alarm conditions for Analog input and performs the specified actions when the value exits limits.