Nemo Basic Software:
Nemo Video
Nemo Security
Nemo Automation
Graphic display
Servo Programmer
Action Programmer
Setup-Alarm Conditions

Nemo Bridge :
Remote Access
TCP/IP Server

Software Drivers

Nemo Enterprise:
Graphical Logic Programmer



Nemo - Security & Fire Alarm

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Nemo Security module handles input from motion detectors, other security sensors and fire detectors.
Simple cameras can be used for motion detection and alarm notification.

Features :

  • Data Monitoring
  • Alarm Notification
  • Planform Views
  • Video Recording
  • Reports - Statistics
  • Perform alarm actions

Actions on Alarm:

  • Zoom to the alarm area
  • Video recording (30 fps)
  • Call to a remote PC
  • Send SMS messages
  • Open/close Relays
  • Set Servo Motor Values

By setting Relay and Servo output values, you can open or close gates, lights, Pan-Tilt to desired position, set ringers on/off.
You can combine any number or type of actions to be executed when an alarm occurs. Actions and tasks are configured easy through the Nemo Automation module.

Nemo software can be used by security companies, to get notification and video from the alarm location, before the officers arrival.

For more information about security, see the Hermes product description pages.