Nemo Basic Software:
Nemo Video
Nemo Security
Nemo Automation
Graphic display
Servo Programmer
Action Programmer
Setup-Alarm Conditions

Nemo Bridge :
Remote Access
TCP/IP Server

Software Drivers

Nemo Enterprise:
Graphical Logic Programmer



Nemo Bridge - Remote Access

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Nemo Bridge enables remote access to all functions of the Nemo Base package.

Main features

Video transfer over LAN, Dial-up, Internet
Remote view of analog input values

Execute actions using the remote PC
Multi client support

Develop Custom Applications

Nemo Bridge includes TCP/IP Server and a set of software drivers, examples and documentation for developers of custom applications.

Drivers are provided for Windows and Linux clients and a TCP/IP Server is used for sending commands and receiving data.

Nemo SDK is compatible for Borland Delphi, Borland C and C++ Builder, Java, Microsoft Visual C, Visual Basic, PawerBuilder. Linux SDK is compatible for Kylix(Delphi for Linux), C and Java.

TCP/IP based control can be used with other operating systems like MacOS, Solaris or DOS.